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Welcome to Walts Tree Service

Walts Tree Service is owned and operated by ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) certified arborist Sherrie Moore of Horace, North Dakota. Walts Tree Service takes pride in caring for your trees from planting, through maturity. Walts Tree Service specializes in providing tree health assessments, insect and fungal treatments, fruit and flowering tree pruning, girdle root repair, stump removal, and planting. Walts covers the Fargo/Moorhead area and anywhere within a 100-mile radius. Sherries father, Walt, started Walts tree service in 1981 and has passed his legacy of treecare onto his daughter. While no longer providing large tree removal or aerial pruning, you can trust Walts Tree Service to enhance the lifespan, and look of your trees.

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Walts Tree Service is

At Walts we are highly qualified and eager to provide our services to you.

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Tree health assessments

assessment of your trees health from top to bottom

Walts can recommend and provide treatments for your trees health problems.



insect and fungal treatments

With our injection and spraying equipment we can treat trees for numerous insect infestations, funguses, and diseases.


Stump removal (cleanup and haul away offered)

Stump Removal in a fence enclosed backyard in this photo

No stump is too small or too large for Walts Tree Service. Our stump grinder is self-driven & only requires 36" clearance. Haul away & clean offered.


Fruit and flowering tree pruning

precise pruning of fruiting and flowering trees to enhance its health and appearance

Fruit trees especially require proper pruning to avoid snapped limbs and increase their yield.


Girdle root excavation and elimination

We can identify and remove girdling roots

Girdling roots grow around the trunk of the tree, usually below soil level, and slowly strangle the tree causing health problems and eventually loss of the tree.



Looking for a change of scenery?

Walts will help you to identify what trees will work best for your wants and needs and provide hassle-free planting of them.

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Walts Tree Service Feedback

Quality Service = Outstanding Results

There’s no better way to tell you about what what Walts Tree Service does and how we do it than by letting our clients tell you themselves. leaving a review would be greatly appreciated.

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Walts Tree Service would love to hear from you...

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